Situations for Tripod support call

Taking photos has become quite a trend these days, simply because with the rise of different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and twitter, people basically have got addicted to posting everything they do in a day.  People would be so excited to post what they had for breakfast, lunch, the gym routines, the different vegan options they have, their fashion hauls, make up products they use, their campaigns and what not? Along this trend, came another hype about taking selfies with friends, family or associates and it actually became quite convenient that people don’t have to keep asking another person to snap them but they could simply reach out to that.


Businesses that identified, this opportunity produced selfie sticks to make this job even far easier and now they don’t have to be tall to reach out far, because selfie stick can do the job for you. The problem is that although we try so hard to not trouble anyone and or go through the hassle of taking photos on our own, there are multiple instances where we will have to use something else. By something else, I’m referring to a tripod. This read is mainly focused on the situations where we need a tripod but before getting to that, let’s get to know what a tripod actually is. A tripod is a three-legged stand that’s used to support a camera to hold on to it. Here are some of the places that you might need to get a tripod for help.




If you are trying to do some poses using your hands or sit in a couch or somewhere doing an action, then you definitely will have to use a tripod to help you through this. You can’t be holding the camera in one hand and posing with one hand plus you won’t be able to capture the full shot as well. So it’s always better to have a tripod set up with a time space between 10 to 15 seconds interchange and take multiple shots so that way you have time to prepare yourself for the next shot too.


Sports snaps


Also if you are taking photos of you shooting a basketball or golf ball, that involves movement and you definitely can’t do it on your own plus it won’t be captured quite accurately on point even if you ask someone else to take it.


Close up shots


Some close up shots that you need to take needs the camera to stay still during the shot as even a single movement could blur it out. So when taking quite close, sensitive images, better to use a tripod as it will capture the image quite sharply.


These are some of the situations that you may need a tripod to support you in doing some capture as a selfie or another probably may not able to do the job that well.

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