Why a digital camera?

There was a time when our parents used to take photos off regular reel cameras and had to wait for days until they’ve been cleared and the negatives are being developed into proper photographs. Those days, it might never been an issue as well  because the internet wasn’t as popular like it is today and also social media influence on people’s life wasn’t existing back in the day. Our parents had telephones that they seldom used to talk to people in an emergency or in the case of a really urgent incident, otherwise hanging on the phone talking to friends wasn’t the deal for them; as time went by and technology had made such a huge impact into our lives.


Today, if we think about going out on a trip or day out, the first thing that we think of is booking our a great place and about the photos.  We know that, the smart phones have become quite popular in the day that people may not even look out for a digital camera as the newer smart phones have all the features that we possibly need. However I will take you through some of the good things or pluses that a digital camera can do to you, although I won’t compare between smart phone cameras and regular cameras each, the benefits will be listed down as per the analysis of all the other options.


No film


You don’t have to insert a film reel every time you take photos and also the reels have limited space or number of photos that you can possibly take but in digital cameras, there is no need of inserting a film reel and you can simply take as many photos as you want and transfer to your laptop or desktop and see which ones to edit and print. If you use a regular option, you will not have option of editing it the way you want.




It’s easy to use as the way you have to take photos is pretty straightforward and you will know what exactly needs to be done. It’s a matter of pressing a button and getting the kind of image you need. Once you start using one, you will get an idea of how to change settings and do the different balancing out.




When you use a smart phone, you might have to go through storage issues plus it needs clearing up of cache if the phone has a lot of space used then the rest of the applications find it difficult to process well. Therefore having a separate digital camera helps to keep photos storage aside of and using different chips or external sources can ease up the work more.


These are some of the reasons why it should be great investing in a digital camera as opposed to taking photos from a different form but then again depending on your need, choice and intentions, all of this could change.

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